Vocal tuning


£30 per song for lead vocals

£24 per song for backing vocals

Have you recorded a great vocal performance only to later notice some pitching or timing issues? If you re-record the part you might not get the same great feel or match the performance of your original take. If you re-record the individual words that are a problem you may not get the same vocal tone. You don’t necessarily need to go to the length of re-recording. You can have your vocal take corrected at The Dining Room Studio. Simply send us your separate vocal take plus a rough mix of the backing track (or a suitable timing reference) and we will correct the problem parts of your vocal take using professional software designed for this very task. The same can be done to any monophonic instrument (that’s any instrument that plays one note at a time like a trumpet or a saxophone). We may also be able to correct timing and tuning issues in recorded performances of polyphionic instrument (that’s any instrument that plays more than one note at a time like a guitar or a piano) but we may well need to hear your recording first.

Please note that we do not use any automated auto-tune style processing, each word or syllable in every line of your song is assessed and corrected by hand to ensure the final product properly fits the key of your song, is in tune and yet still sounds natural as we always prefer to retain the character of a vocal performance over clinically corrected pitch.

Pricing is per song for a main vocal or for backing vocals. Obviously if your song is very long, we may have to quote you a price, but the stated price will cover the standard length song (up to around 5 minutes long). As far as backing vocals are concerned, we consider up to a few vocal harmonies to be a standard amount per song, anything longer than that we will optionally quote you before starting any work. If in any doubt, just get in touch and ask us for some help deciding what you need, we will gladly advise you.