Songwriter sessions


£30 per hour

£210 per 8 hour day.

Are you a song-writer but don’t play any or just the one instrument? Would you like to hear a fuller more complete backing track to your own songs? Have a backing track created at The Dining Room Studio and then record your vocal performance to create the finished track. If you’d like to go that extra mile, we can also optionally arrange to hire your choice from our network of experienced and talented local session musicians to perform on your track during the session. We can provide the right person for your session from to play guitar, bass, keyboards, brass, drums or vocalists and backing vocalists.

You may also want to use the Dining Room Studio for a writing session. We can be your scratch-pad. As you develop your song, we will record your ideas and aid you with developing your song, freeing you to concentrate on being creative. If you wish, we can participate and offer creative input or equally, we can let you drive the creativity yourself and we will operate the studio to record your ideas and keep your creativity flowing.

As most of us need to keep a tight rein on costs, we are well aware that sessions can far too easily go off on a tangent and easily overrun. Before the session starts, we will discuss exactly what you want to achieve during the session and set an informal plan of action. We will endeavour to keep the session on track to ensure your achieve your goal within the time limits of the session but should you really want to try something unplanned, then it’s entirely up to you. We’ll do our utmost to keep the session on track, but this is your session, so ultimately you are in control.