Cassette transfer


Session setup fee – £20

Transfer per 30 mins audio – £15

Audio restoration per 30 mins audio – £15

Do you have some of your best performances still lying around on old cassette tapes. Are you worried that the tape may be degrading in quality and risk losing your recording or that, before you know it, good quality cassette players are becoming hard to come by?

Perhaps it’s time you had your old cassette recordings transferred to CD and/or more modern digital formats. At the Dining Room Studio, your cassette recorings can be digitised using a high quality Philips digital cassette system that converts the signal retrieved from the cassette tape directly within the machine itself for the best possible quality transfer. Once captured, your recordings can be converted to the medium of your choice be that CD, WAV files or MP3 files (please get in touch to discuss any other formats you might wish to convert to).

Your cassette recordings can be transferred for an inital set-up fee of £15 plus £12 for every 30 minutes of audio transferred. The quality of the sound reproduction of your recordings can also be improved and enhanced with audio restoration techniques using high quality professional sound restoration software from Sonnox, TC Electronic, Universal Audio, Sony and Steinberg for an extra £12 per 30 mins of processed audio.