The Dining Room Studio

The studio is based in Sittingbourne, Kent. It started out as a personal project studio, but over the years has increasingly been used on collaboration and production projects featuring local artists and singer/songwriters.

The hub of the studio is the flexible 48 channel Tascam DM3200 digital mixer which routes a selection of preamps and inputs via a 72 channel MOTU audio interface system into a PC running Cubase 7. In short, it is a professioanl quality system.

Just as important as this is the ethos at the Dining Room Studio of making the client feel comfortable. This simple ethos will allow you to be at your most creative just when you need it. We believe the secret to a good recording is a great performance, get that right and the rest of the process is building upon a solid foundation. That’s why we strive to allow your creativity to flow. We also make great coffee!