Professional tools

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Professional tools

Quality equipment is just as important as talented engineers and creative surroundings. The Dining Room Studio uses high quality recording equipment from manufacturers such as TL Audio, Tascam, Focusrite, Universal Audio, Adam. Equally, quality software is used throughout featuring products from Steinberg, Sonnox, Universal Audio, TC Electronics, Celemony, Native Instruments and Arturia amongst others.

The Dining Room Studio has the facility for recording up to 32 tracks simultaneously or, with some reconfiguration, up to 48 tracks. The hub of the studio is a Tascam DM3200 digital mixer currently configured for 32 simultaneous channels to and from a pair of MOTU 24 channel interfaces which, in turn, feed the main DAW running Steinberg Cubase 6.

There is a good selection of available microphones covering all bases for both voice and instruments including SE Titan, Rode NT2a, Rode NT1a, Golden Age R1 Active MkII, Sennheiser Blackfire MD521, Rode M3, AKG C1000S, AKG D112, Sennhesier E604 and good old Shure SM57 and SM58. These are paired with great quality preamps including a dual channel valve-based TLAudio 5052, a hand built dual channel FiveFish SC-1 (uses a Neve style topology) and an 8 channel Focusrite Octopre.

The main DAW used is Cubase 6 utilising professional quality plug-ins from TC electronic (incl. VSS3 and NonLin2 reverbs), UAD (including Neve 88RS channel strip, LA2A, LA3A and Fairchild 670 compressors), Sonnox (R3 Dynamics, EQ, Inflator, TransMod), Melodyne, Native Instruments (Komplete 8 Ultimate), Arturia, EastWest, Spectrasonics, IK Multimedia and MOTU amongst others. There is also provision to load ProTools projects and transfer the audio into Cubase.



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